Plumbing 101 for New Homeowners

Plumbing issues are just one of the many “situations” that home owners need to be prepared for. Listed below are some important tips that can help you avoid some costly plumbing problems.

Avoid throwing food in your kitchen sink. One of the most common things that plumbers find stuck in pipes is food waste, and it can lead to some serious clogs.

Don’t pour grease or oil down any of your sinks. Grease and oil can quickly clog up your kitchen’s plumbing in record time. Remember to properly dispose of these liquids by throwing them into your garbage (using a lidded container can help contain the mess), as pouring these down one of your sinks can do significant damage to your pipes (when grease is cooled, it solidifies.)

Inspect your main water supply valve annually. If your home ever experiences a leak, this is what you’ll need to turn off to prevent any more damage from occurring. Ensure that a professional checks your home’s main inlet water valve to ensure that it isn’t leaking or damaged in any way.

Get your water heater checked annually. Your water heater is what makes the difference between having a hot, soothing bath or a teeth-chattering dip in  water that will be too cold for comfort! Getting it maintained by a professional so that it can get flushed and inspected for any issues, such as rust, is an essential duty that should be done every year.

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